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Work, age, health and employment

WAHE conference 2016 - evidence from longitudinal studies

The WAHE conference took place at the Campus Freudenberg of the University of Wuppertal (BUW), North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany from 19th to 21st September 2016. It was an ICOH conference organized by the Department of Occupational Health Research, BUW (Conference Chair: Prof. Hans Martin Hasselhorn; Conference Vice-chair: Dr. Jean-Baptist du Prel; Conference Coordinator: Daniela Borchart, MSc) in cooperation with the IAB in Nuremberg. 165 scientist from 31 countries and 5 continents were registered. Together with the local researchers at the BUW, nearly 200 scientist took part in this interdisciplinary scientific meeting. The conference comprised 13 scientific sessions, 8 special sessions, 2 brown bag sessions, 2 poster sessions, 14 invited speakers and 5 keynotes.

The overall goal of WAHE2016 was to bring together experts and scientists from different countries and disciplines to discuss the influence of work, health and other factors on work participation and retirement of older employees in ageing societies with a special focus on a longitudinal perspective. To meet this goal the conference focused on five main topics:

  • Work and retirement
  • Work, age and health
  • Life course approaches in retirement research
  • Measuring change in longitudinal research
  • Cross-national assessments – opportunities and challenges

Evidence from quantitative and qualitative studies was included, different aspects of work, health, work ability and motivation in work participation and retirement were discussed and different points of view brought together.

More details about the WAHE2016 conference organization (local, national and international planning and advisory committees), roles and responsibilities as well as scientific contents (opening speeches, keynotes, abstracts) and repercussions in the press can be found in the WAHE-conference folder, the conference time table and in the press releases which can be downloaded here:

Collage zur Konferenz

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