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Insurance Medicine

Social and private insurance for the working population in Germany - responsibilities in the event of a benefit claim

Lecturer Term Offered credit points Workload Sessions 2022
Prof. HM Hasselhorn, PD Dr. S Becher, D Borchart Summer Term 2 credit points 4 sessions in total & 1 group work (case development & presentation) online: 03.05., 10.05., 05.07., 12.07.22

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In previous courses, it has been shown that students often have marginal knowledge of social and private insurance, both in relation to their future work environment (i.e., occupational health and safety) and their personal living environment. This course is designed to help fill that gap.


In this elective, representatives of the social insurance funds present the diversity of social and private security in the working population in Germany. In the process, interfaces to (occupational) prevention and occupational health and safety are worked out in dialog. Using case studies that are provided, the students work in small groups to develop presentations on the insurance relevance of the underlying topic. These are rehearsed on the third date and presented and put up for discussion on the fourth date.


2 credit points. Prerequisite for successful participation is attendance at sessions 1, 2 and 4 as well as the successful preparation and presentation of the case study.


  • Responsible : Prof. Hans Martin Hasselhorn
  • Accompanying: PD. Dr. med. Stephan Becher
  • Accompanying: Daniela Borchart, M. Sc.


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Registration period: 01.04. - 25.04.22, registration key: Absicherung22
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