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Visualising Data with MS-Excel

Lecturer Term Offered credit points
Dr. phil. Dipl.-Psych. Melanie Ebener Summer term/winter term 1 credit point

The lab takes place regularly in winter and summer. One session comprises 3 dates. These are announced via the Moodle group of the faculty "Lab overview faculty 7", students are generally recommended to register there.
The announcement there also includes the registration modalities. The number of participants is limited.


Working on a task list for preparation, possible from the 1st term onwards


MS Excel 2016 with Windows. Students with other Excel versions (e.g. MacOS) can also participate, but will not receive special advice on their respective version.

Aims of the lab

Students can a) read, understand and criticise diagrams, b) select diagram types according to a research question, c) create diagrams for scientific purposes and present them orally and in writing.


1) Before starting, students will be provided with a list of Excel functions to prepare before the first session.

2) Introduction (theoretical part): Introduction to

- different scale levels,

- working with data tables in Excel 2016,

- the selection of suitable chart types for the respective question,

- the design of correct charts for scientific purposes.

3) Practical part (workshop): There is an introduction (only) to selected Excel functions. The students develop suitable diagrams, a presentation and a written description on the basis of given data. This is continued in homework.

4) The results are presented and discussed in plenary and, if necessary, revised again afterwards according to the lecturer's advice.

The content focus is on social science data as used in occupational science and health and safety, but the lab content is also useful as general preparation for data visualisation in other subject areas.

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