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Occupational Medicine

Lecturer Term Examination Regulations Module block Modul
Prof. Hans Martin Hasselhorn Summer term 2017 Mathematical, natural, engineering and social science fundamentals Protecting Workplace Employees

Learning objective of the subject "Occupational Medicine"

As a preventive medical subject, occupational medicine deals with the interactions between work and living conditions on the one hand, and health and diseases on the other. The focus is on maintaining and promoting the physical and mental health and working ability of the working person. Central elements of occupational medicine are the prevention and identification of work-related risk factors, diseases and occupational illnesses, the prevention of work-related health hazards, including individual and occupational health counselling, the prevention of complications and accident hazards at work, and occupational rehabilitation.

The aim of the lecture is to

  • to convey an understanding of occupational medicine as a scientific as well as practical discipline,
  • to familiarise them with the framework conditions and the object of occupational medical care,
  • to provide information about the different types of work-related health hazards,
  • to explain the principle of occupational disease and how it is regulated
  • and to work out the interfaces with safety technology.

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