School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

Lecturer Term Examination Regulations Module block Module
PD Dr. med. Jean-Baptist du Prel, M.P.H. Winter term 2017 Data analysis and management Methods of data collection and evaluation

Learning objective of the course "Methods of evidence-based research"

The courses "Methods of evidence-based research" are part of the module "Methods of data collection and evaluation" in the Master's degree programme in safety engineering. In lectures and exercises, the objectives and fundamentals of evidence-based research are defined. The aim is to provide students with the tools for assessing scientific publications and for analysing and transferring scientific data into practice. The lessons deal with statistical basics and the application of the methods of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Quantitative research is contrasted with qualitative research and study designs from different research areas are assessed. The application and limitations of different types of studies, the prevention of random and systematic errors or biases as well as the implementation of empirical data collection and questionnaire construction are addressed. By means of exercises, the acquired skills are to be put into practice immediately. This includes, for example, the calculation and interpretation of descriptive measures and effect estimators, the creation of graphics and tables, the selection of suitable study types and statistical tests, scientific literature research as well as the critical reading and discussion of scientific publications and the written and oral presentation of their results.

Current information (time, place) can be found in StudiLöwe. Teaching materials will be made available in Moodle after the course.

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