School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

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  • Work, Age, Health and Work Participation
  • Qualitative interviews and focus groups on the topic of retaining older employees
  • Courses in the field of methodology, insurance and preventive medicine at the University of Wuppertal

  • Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Health Behaviour in mature adults
  • Employee Retention

  • lidA - leben in der Arbeit. German cohort study on work, age and health (
  • Sub-Projects lidA 3 & 4 - BGF "Workplace Health Promotion (BGF) among older employees in Germany"
  • Sub-Project Kompetenzcluster NRW „Labour Market Participation among older employees “

2020 Julius Springer Prize, Zentralblatts für Arbeitsmedizin - Arbeitsschutz - Ergonomie

Peer-Reviewed Journals: 

  • Bundesgesundheitsblatt - Gesundheitsforschung - Gesundheitsschutz
  • Arbeitsmedizin - Sozialmedizin - Umweltmedizin (ASU)

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