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Occupational Health Science

Lecturer Term Examination Regulations Module block Module
Prof. H M Hasselhorn Summer term 2017 Occupational safety Work and health

Learning objective of the course " Occupational Health Science"

Occupational health science focuses on the systematic analysis, organisation and design of the technical, organisational and social conditions of work processes with the aim of making work both people-oriented and effective and efficient. An important sub-goal is "harmless, feasible, tolerable and unimpaired working conditions". Occupational health science thus has a comprehensive interface with safety engineering, whose central objective is the identification, assessment and avoidance of technical, organisational and social risks with the aim of "safe work".

The aim of the lecture is,

  • to provide students with an understanding of occupational health science as a scientific as well as a practical discipline,
  • to give them a more detailed overview of occupational health science topics and lead them to cross-thematic understanding and finally
  • to enable the students to work out individual occupational health science issues and put them up for discussion.


Based on frontal lectures, the students are to expand and produce subject-related content independently and apply the taught basics and subject-related contexts. Different online presentation techniques are used by lecturers and students.

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