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Occupational Health Examination Methods (G26)

Lecturer Term Offered credit points Lab sessions Number of participants
PD Dr. med. Jean-Baptist du Prel, M.P.H. Summer term 0,5 credit points Summer term max. 20

Occupational Health Examination Methods (G26)

Lab Occupational Health Examination Methods (G26)

The course can be attended by 20 students in the summer term. Prior registration is required.
In the theoretical and practical part, the participants gain an insight into selected examination methods (including audiometry, visual performance examination, ergometry, lung function examination), which are used in occupational health check-ups, in particular G26 ("Preventive examination for activities requiring the wearing of group 2 and 3 respiratory protective devices"). The theoretical part is conducted in the form of a lecture. As a prerequisite for admission to the practical part of the lab, a test on the topics of this introductory course must be taken and passed at the beginning. The practical part is carried out jointly by 2 students at a time on a date agreed in advance. Under the guidance of the medical course instructor, one student at a time takes on the role of the examiner or the examined during the various examination procedures.

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