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Occupational Medicine and Social Labour

Module 5.9

Lecturer Term Offered credit points Workload
Prof. Dr. H.M. Hasselhorn, N. Garthe Summer term 6 credit points Lecture "Occupational Medicine" (Summer term; 2 credit points) & Homework (4 credit points)

Elective module "Occupational Medicine and Social Work" for students of Psychology (B.Sc. programme)

The Department of Occupational Health Science offers Module 5.9 "Occupational Medicine and Social Aspects of Work" as a non-psychological compulsory elective module in the Bachelor's degree programme in Psychology (PO2015). The module covers 2 terms and starts in the summer term with the assigned lecture course.

The aim is to familiarise students with the essential findings of occupational medicine and to enable them to work out an occupational medicine topic independently.

The module covers the topics of the lecture "Occupational Medicine", of the Bachelor's degree programme in Safety Engineering (see module 4a Work and Environment). In addition, a written paper must be submitted as proof of performance on the topic area "Social Aspects of Work", which is compulsory for registration for the module final examination.

Final Module Examination (MAP):

The subject is graded on the basis of a written (written examination of 90 minutes) or oral (30 minutes) examination in the winter semester. Relevant examination topics are those covered in the lecture. The prerequisite for admission to the examination is the completion of the homework assignment (performance record). The homework is a written elaboration of a topic agreed upon with the lecturer. The work can take place in group work.

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