School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

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Applied Occupational Medicine

Lecturer Term Offered credit points Lab sessions Number of participants
Prof. Hasselhorn, D Borchart, D Isaeva Summer term/winter term 0,5 credit points Summer term 2022 max. 12 per term

The Department of Occupational Health Science offers the lab "Applied Occupational Medicine" as part of the series of events "Occupational Medicine and Safety Seminar", which is offered as further training for practising doctors and occupational physicians and safety technicians (continuation of the Occupational Medicine Seminar).

Registration for the lab is via Moodle (password - lab22). Information regarding the first info session will follow shortly.

The lab requires participation in 3 seminar sessions. In addition, the students have the task of independently creating a factsheet in group work on a topic presented in the seminar in consultation with the supervising staff member.

The factsheet is prepared in a joint lab session. After successful assessment of the group work by the laboratory organiser and after completion of the seminar series, the laboratory participation can be certified. The lab sheets and run sheets are to be submitted to the Department of Occupational Health Science accordingly in a timely manner.

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