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Fundamentals of Occupational Psychology

Lecturer Term Examination Regulations Module block Modul
Dipl.-Psych. Melanie Ebener Winter term 2017 Mathematical, natural, engineering and social science fundamentals Individual and work

Learning objectives of the course "Fundamentals of Work Psychology"

• Reflection of central paradigms of psychology (e.g. behaviourism, cognitive psychology) as well as basic mechanisms of the human psyche (e.g. learning, personality, cooperation in groups) on working life

• Basic concepts and findings of occupational psychology, which are necessary for the people-oriented organisation of work (e.g. concept of stress amd strain, stress models)

• Simple scientific-theoretical and methodological contents (e.g. modelling and operationalisation of psychological correlations, acquisition and citation of relevant literature).

•  Ethical aspects of research on humans

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