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Social Aspects of Work

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Dr. Nina Garthe, Max Rohrbacher, Prof. Hans Martin Hasselhorn Winter term 2017 Mathematical, natural, engineering and social science fundamentals Work in Society and Organisation

Learning objective of the course "Social Aspects of Work"

We look at people and their work assignments and situations. However, when it comes to questions of occupational health and safety, the beneficial effects of work on people, the ability to work and, last but not least, work efficiency, the correlations between the world of work and its social environment must also be taken into account. This can be divided into:

a) micro level, which looks at the individual working person in relation to his or her immediate environment, i.e. private life,
b) meso level, which looks at the company in the context of societal influences, and
c) macro level, which includes societal processes (e.g. values or changes in the population) and structures (e.g. laws, societal institutions such as kindergartens or care facilities).

Every employee, every workplace and every company is exposed to influences at these levels: How? Where is it good, where is it bad? For whom? What can be done? What does this mean for occupational safety and health?

In the lecture we will - with active participation of the students - explore these questions.

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