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  • Arbeitsmedizinische und sicherheitstechnisches Seminar
    Programm Wintersemester 2019/2020 [more]
  • Broschüre mit lidA-Studienergebnissen
    Broschüre blätterbare Broschüre [more]
  • Neuigkeiten aus der lidA-Studie
    Der zweite lidA-Newsletter ist da [more]
  • Medienecho auf die lidA-Studie
    Solinger Tageblatt 18.06.2019 - Uni Vortrag Solingen RGA 08.06.2019 - Uni Vortrag, Remscheid ... [more]
  • Deutschlandfunk - Interview mit Prof. Dr. med. Hans Martin Hasselhorn
    Babyboomer wollen früher in den Ruhestand [more]
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Occupational Health Science incorporates a variety of disciplines, of which Occupational Medicine and Work Psychology are central. These disciplines play an active part in research and education at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering under the common heading, “People and Work”.

• Occupational Medicine

  • Occupational Health
  • Work Physiology
  • Social Epidemiology

• Work and Organisational Psychology

 • Introduction into Work Psychology
 • Analysis, assessment and design of working conditions
 • Organisational Psychology
The basis and framework of the department’s scientific work are the „lidA conceptual framework on work, age and work participation“ as well as the lidA-Study.