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Welcome to the Department of Occupational Health Science

The Chair of Occupational Health Science was established at the University of Wuppertal in September 2015 and is held by Professor Hans Martin Hasselhorn, MD, Occupational Health Physician.

The term Occupational Health Science is not an autochthonous scientific discipline, but is the incorporation of a variety of disciplines, with the focused research interest on the interrelation of work and the worker. Among these, Occupational Health and Work and Organisational Psychology are principal disciplines. The overall aim of the Chair is to bring these three disciplines together benefitting from their different contents, views and methodological approaches and effectively contributing to research and education at the School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering at the University of Wuppertal.

- Occupational Health

  • Occupational Medicine
  • Work Physiology
  • Social Epidemiology

- Work and Organisational Psychology

  • Assessment and design of psychosocial working conditions
  • Organisational Psychology



Methodological research approaches of the department are:


a.       Occupational Epidemiology (quantitative research on work, work ability, health and employment)

b.       Life course epidemiology (complex longitudinal and life course analyses)

c.       Mixed methods (combination of quantitative and qualitative research methodology)

d.       Psychometrics (development of assessment instruments

e.       Field research